Lion Roger MundayLion Roger Munday

Lion Roger Munday was born in London in May 1944.  He is a Certified Cost Engineer and Project Management Professional and has completed over 2 of the 3 part time years towards a MBA. He has been married to Lion Christine for 43 years and they have two daughters, two sons-in-law and six grandchildren.

In 1979 Roger was offered an assignment to South Africa for two years and stayed on until 2002.

Lions - Offices held and Committees
Roger has been a member of Fleet Lions since April 2004.  As 1st VDG Roger is Extension Officer of the Global Membership Team (GMT) and a member of the Finance Committee.  As 2nd VDG he was Retention Officer in the GMT, a member of the Finance Committee and Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee.

This followed two years as Region Chairman where he was a member of the MERL Team. Prior to that, in
2007-08, he was Zone Chairman.

He was President of Fleet Lions in 2006-07 and Youth Chairman 2005-06 combined with Leos Club Advisor, SNAP Disco Coordinator and member of Hart Youth Partnership Committee for that year. In 2009-10 he was chairman of Fleet Lions Membership Committee and has served on Community Services combined with Youth in 2007-09.

He was a Member of the Zone K FunFest Committee from 2007-10. He compiles and edits magazines for his Club and Zone K.

Roger was a Rotarian for 18 years, 17 of them in South Africa and one year in a club in Surrey before joining Fleet Lions. He was on the Board of Directors for 10 years of his years in Rotary and 1st Vice President in both his clubs. He led Fundraising, Youth and Rotaract Advisor (equivalent of Leos), and Community Service at various times.

Parents Teachers Association
Roger was a member of the PTA for 3 years when his daughters were in High School in South Africa; his final year was as chairman.

Roger was a Cub, Scout, Senior Scout and Rover. He gained the Baden Powell Award as a Rover Scout. He was warranted as an Assistant Senior Scout Leader, Venture Scout Leader and Rover Scout Leader. He became a mountaineering instructor and was trained in cold weather survival techniques.


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