Workshops covering a variety of topics of real interest to club members will take place on Saturday afternoon, with follow up reviews and an open forum on Sunday morning.



What MD can do for you  

Lion Brigitte Waterfield, the main contact in Birmingham, will give an overview of the help available. MD has developed excellent contacts with printers and other Lions' merchandising opportunities, find out what can be achieved - you will be pleasantly surprised.

New clubs for new times  

As society changes, we need to help clubs use that change in a positive way, Mike Collen will speak about the creation of the Sirius club with young members who have a new approach and methodology, which contrasts with the traditional approach favoured by the founding club. 

Good communications  

The next generation is embracing Twitter, Facebook and other ‘social media' as important means of communication.  James McGregor is going to debunk some of the myths, show you how you can make it work for your club (in a non-technical language) and help you avoid some of the pitfalls.



An extravaganza of ideas

An opportunity to tell other Lions what your club does best and learn what other clubs are doing well.


Keep watching this page for updates.


DG Lion Roger Munday's bannerette